Student Application : CLOSED FOR 2019


Completion of the form below is the first step in registering as a Student at Tri-Wing Encampment. Listed below are the basic requirements all students must meet prior to attending Encampment. Cadets can apply without meeting these requirements, but must complete them before Encampment begins. These will be tracked internally by the personnel staff and students will be contacted with any questions. 


Student Minimal Requirements:

  • Must be at least 12 years of age

  • Must have their Curry Achievement (first promotion)

  • Must have Squadron Commander approval

  • Cadets over 18 must have completed the Cadet Protection Basic Course

Please read the main registration page for further details on completing your application. All questions can be addressed to the Personnel Officer at


Below are step by step instructions to completing an application for the Tri-Wing Encampment. Please READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS prior to beginning the registration form. Your application is not complete until all steps have been followed. Please contact the Personnel Officer using the Contact Us Page with any questions.

Step 1 Registration Form: The registration form is the first step in securing a position at Encampment. Please select the correct form from the pull-down menu under the Registration Tab. The Student Application is for first-time applicants. Those serving on staff should select either Cadet Cadre Application or Senior Cadre Application. All applicants should get an e-mailed copy of their form upon submission. Please keep a copy for your records.

Step 2 Supplemental Materials: THIS STEP IS FOR CADRE APPLICANTS ONLY. STUDENT APPLICANTS SHOULD MOVE TO STEP 3. Cadet Cadre Applicants need to ALL required application materials, as specified on the Cadet Cadre Application Page in the appropriate Application Memorandum. Senior Cadre Applicants must also submit ALL required application materials, as specified on the Senior Cadre Application Page in the appropriate Application Memorandum. All cadre applicants send these materials to the Encampment Commander at

Step 3 Payment: The Payment Page can be found on the pull-down menu under the Registration Tab. Applicants can pay using PayPal or via check, or can apply for financial assistance using the Cadet Encampment Assistance Program (CEAP). Those applying for CEAP should not submit payment unless they receive notice their CEAP application was denied. Cost and payment submission details are on the Payment Page. NOTE: Cadre Applicants should NOT submit payment until they have been selected for a position on cadre. 

Step 4 Required Forms, State Medication Administration Authorization Form, Asthma Action Plan Form, Insurance Card and Immunization Record: There are 4 required forms all applicants must submit. The Required Forms Page can be found on the pull-down menu under the Registration Tab.  All applicants must complete CAP Form 31, DD Form 1381, CAP Form 160, and CAP Form 161. Please note that CAP Form 31 MUST be signed by a squadron commander for members from DC, DE or MD, and by a squadron commander AND wing commander for members outside these 3 wings. Squadron commanders should be contacted to assist in obtaining approval from the wing commander as needed. 

Applicants UNDER 18 who take over the counter OR prescription medications MUST have their Primary Care Providers complete a Medication Administration Authorization Form (form found here and instructions here) for each prescription and non-prescription medication that will be needed during camp. In addition, the state requires that cadets who use an inhaler complete the Asthma Action Plan (form found here and instructions here). NOTE: This form is not required to complete the application and secure slotting at the Encampment, but will be due by 30 June 2019. 

Applicants UNDER 18 also need to submit a copy of their insurance card and immunization record. Those who do not have insurance or who have chosen not to have immunizations should submit a letter of explanation signed by a parent/ legal guardian. This is so that the TWE staff knows the application is not incomplete.


Instructions for submitting ALL materials are on the Required Forms Page.

Step 5 Confirmation:  Applicants should expect an e-mail within 1 week of submitting ALL required items (application, payment, and all required supplemental form) if all are submitted online.  If an applicant chooses to submit payment or forms via mail, it may take several weeks to confirm receipt. In the meantime, applicants can check the status of their application using the Application Status Page under the Registration Tab. Please contact the Personnel Officer (details under Contact Us Page) if you have questions. 

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