Evaluating The Evaluators

It is an often-spoken saying, and a true one, that being a CAP cadet is more than just the cool uniform. Integral to being a CAP cadet are the four CAP Core Values: Integrity, Volunteer Service, Excellence, and Respect. Valuing excellence means not just wearing the uniform but also maintaining it and doing one's best to wear it correctly. This also shows respect for what the uniform represents. This is the motto by which the Encampment Standards and Evaluations Team (or StanEval or SET) abides, and they demonstrate it by critiquing and grading the various aspects of cadet life at TWE.


The most obvious aspect is the one already mentioned: uniforms. Each cadet receives a grade on how well their ABUs (Airman Battle Uniform) or BDUs (Battle Dress Uniform) correspond to regulations. On the second-to-last day of Encampment, they also assist in a "white-glove inspection" of the students' blues uniform - their dress uniform.


In addition to grading uniforms, the StanEval team also grades students on how well their rooms follow the rules laid out in the Encampment handbook. To keep them neat and orderly, Encampment has many specific rules on rooms, from how the bed should be made to where each parts of clothing should go to how clothes should be put on each hanger. These the StanEval team grade with razor-thin precision. StanEval also grades memory work and the almost-daily tests on material they learned each day. Finally, StanEval grades each flight's daily drill evaluation.


Every StanEval member must be a model cadet since they are expected to be the authorities on uniform, memorization, and drill. The standards set for them are unbelievably high. They also handle an enormous amount of responsibility since they evaluate every single aspect of a cadet's graded work. A cadet could become in danger of failing Encmapment if he did not do well in any of StanEval's grades. The fact that they handle this great power with great responsibility is a testament to their professionalism. It shows that they too govern themselves by the CAP values and can be trusted to be fair and unbiased testers to improve and build up the futures of TWE students.

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