Glory And Honor


The cadets stand in formation, silent, slightly swaying, rigid at attention, as the Cadet Commander bellows into the taut silence, "Honor Flight . . " The tension in the air is palpable as he pauses for dramatic effect. "Delta Flight! Commander, front and center!" Nobody moves except the flight commander, but the mood of each flight shifts subtly; for most, the mood turns sour or more intense. For today's Honor Flight, however, it is a day of extra privileges, and a sense of pride radiates from its staff.


What is this award that causes staff to increase or relent in intensity so swiftly? Honor Flight is one of the most prestigious awards of Encampment. It is given to the flight that shows the most progress and character consistently throughout the day. This includes working hard and showing respect during classes or when out of formation.


Although the highest-ranking staff may seem to always be intent on their job, they are always paying attention to the conduct of every flight and to how skillful each flight appears to be. At the end of the day, the Top Three confer to decide which flight is most deserving of this award. They also decide on a winner of Honor Squadron at this time. Multiple victories of this kind can award a flight a special guidon (flag) to carry with them as testimony to their excellence. Because of these myriad rewards, every flight works hard in hope of earning the title of Honor Flight and, if only for a day, earning the satisfaction of their perfection-seeking staff.


The Honor Flight for Day 0 was Alpha Flight, and the Honor Squadron for Day 0 was Squadron Three: Echo and Foxtrot Flights. Delta Flight earned Honor Flight on Day 1, and Squadron One (Alpha and Bravo Flights) took the title of Honor Squadron on Day 1 as well. Every flight continues to pursue excellence as they hope and pray to gain the coveted title of Honor Flight.

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