23 Jul 2019

Are you curious what the small white booklets the students are seen carrying around and studying are all about?  Well, let us fill you in. 

As each student arrived at their barracks after in-processing, they were provided with a copy of the Student Operating Instructions (OI) and Workbook.  Contained within the pages of this booklet are the fundamental information that they need to succeed here at Tri-Wing.  The OI covers...

23 Jul 2019

1st Training Wing!  TRAILBLAZERS!  1st Training Wing!  TRAILBLAZERS!

2019 is a special year in Tri-Wing Encampment history as it begins to transition away from some traditional encampment designations.  Historically, the 4 squadrons put together were merely referred to as the "encampment" and squadrons named from "Squadron 1" thru "Squadron 4."  Under this year's Cadet Executive Cadre, the 4 squadrons are being named...

Tri-wing Encampment is now in full swing after around 190 Civil Air Patrol cadets reported to Camp Fretterd, Maryland ready embark on a truly rewarding and unique experience.  This year's students come from all around the area representing 3 Regions and 7 different Wings.  Regardless where they are from, the Cadet and Senior Cadre will put forth every effort to train, cousel, and mentor each student with hopes that they impar...

Cadet Commander: C/Lt Col Wyatt J. Hartman, CAP

C/Lt Col Wyatt Hartman has been an active Civil Air Patrol member for 8 years. He has attended multiple activities at the squadron, wing, region, and national levels. Starting out with his basic Encampment in 2011 with Kansas Wing. Kansas Wing produced a sharp cadet, with a very promising future.  C/Lt Col Hartman went on to attend Robert Ayres solo school in 2016 graduating at...

Thank you for your interest in Cadet Cadre at Tri-Wing Encampment 2018! The CEC is thoroughly impressed by this year's round of applicants and is looking forward to watching you all in action at Cadre Selection Weekend. 

Please read this article in its entirety. 

Cadre Selection Weekend will take place at Camp Fretterd, 15-17 December. We are aware of conflicting events such as Wreaths Across America, and looked through options...

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