Encampment Preparation

Before attending Encampment, it is important to review the materials included on this page. The Tri-Wing Pre-Encampment Guide has specific details on how to prepare for Encampment including details on standards of appearance and conduct, details on drop-off, and the packing list. The Encampment  Honor  Agreement must be read and signed by each cadet in attendance demonstrating commitment to follow the honor code. The CAPP 60-70: Cadet Encampment Guide is a National Headquarters Publications which guide how each Encampment is executed and can give insight into what a cadet may expect while participating in Tri-Wing. CAPP 60-71: Cadet Encampment Handbook is a National Headquarters Publication that cadets can use to improve their knowledge and prepare for their time at Tri-Wing Encampment. CAPM 39-1: Civil Air Patrol Uniform Manual is useful to ensure every cadet is wearing their uniform properly prior to arrival. CAPP 60-20: Civil Air Patrol Drill and Ceremonies may be useful for a cadet to review prior to arrival to get a head start on the drill movements they will be learning at Tri-Wing. If you still have questions, feel free to contact us.

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