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Listed below are the timelines and instructions for applying for the 2020 Tri-Wing Encampment Cadet Cadre. Please note that there are 3 application periods, depending upon which position(s) a cadet is considering. Please check the "Positions Open" List to ensure you are applying during the correct application period. Applications will NOT be accepted before OR after the application period. The appropriate "Application Memorandum" will list full instructions on how to apply.  Several useful links can be found below which may assist you in the application process. Please be sure to check the participation requirements, as those selected will be required to complete all required tasks/courses within the listed time frame. Questions can be addressed to the Encampment Commander at

2020 Application Timelines and  Instructions

Cadet Executive Cadre

Positions Open: Cadet Commander, Cadet Deputy Commander for Operations, Cadet Deputy Commander for Support, Executive Officer

Application Period Open: 23 November to 7 December 2019

In-Person Interview: 14-15 December 2019

Application Instructions: Cadet Executive Cadre Application Memorandum

Cadet Squadron Commanders and Officers in Charge 

Positions Open: Squadron Commander, Health Services OIC, Logistics/Food Services OIC, Admin/Personnel OIC, Curriculum and Plans Officer, Public Affairs OIC, and Standards and Evaluations OIC

Application Period Open: 14 to 28 December 2019

In-Person Interview: 4-5 January 2020

Application Instructions: Squadron Commander and Officers In Charge Application Memorandum

Cadet Line and Support Cadre

Positions Open: Flight Commander, First Sergeant, Flight Sergeant, Health Services Cadre, Logistics/Food Services Cadre, Admin/Personnel Cadre, Public Affairs Cadre, and Standards and Evaluations Cadre

Application Period Open: 27 December to 10 January 2020

In-Person Cadre Selection Weekend:  17 to 19 January 2020

Application Instructions: Line and Support Cadre Application Memorandum 

Additional Application and Required Form/Course Instructions

Below are step by step instructions to completing all required items for the Tri-Wing Encampment. The first 2 steps must be completed as part of the application process, and the remaining steps completed after acceptance to cadre. Please READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS prior to completing an application. 

Step 1 Registration Form: The registration form is the first step in securing a position at Encampment. Those serving on cadet cadre should select complete this Google Form. All applicants should get an e-mailed copy of their form upon submission. Please keep a copy for your records.

Step 2 Supplemental Materials: Cadet Cadre Applicants must also submit ALL required application materials, as specified in the appropriate Application Memorandum. All cadre applicants send these materials to the Encampment Commander at

Step 3 Required Courses:  Tri-Wing Cadet Cadre members must have completed Cadet Protection Course Basic (if over age 18), Basic Risk Management, and I-CUT. These courses can be completed in E-Services. These courses may be submitted AFTER acceptance to Tri-Wing Encampment cadre, but NLT 30 April 2020 Questions on how to complete these courses can be addressed to

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